The Cats

If you don’t like cats, better if you don’t come in Tigliolette. Surely not in the room but as soon as you get out, you will see them wandering around outside: each with its own well-defined personality, so it’s better if you start getting to know them.

Priscilla (also called Principessa or Prissci)

She is shy and reserved, she is (almost) Paola’s favorite. She is one of the few who have the privilege of being able to laze in peace for a few hours on the sofa in her house.

Clyde (also called Claidone)

The most relaxed of all, often lost in his mystical thoughts, is the Virginia’s (Paola’s daughter) favorite and remains anyway on Paola’s favorite list. For this reason, he is also authorized to stay indoors for a few siesta.

Quan (also called Quanquanito or Besty)

The sweetest and most sensitive, Ilaria’s (second Paola’s daughter) favorite, is certainly the most intelligent cat in the whole Bricco.


Almost as in a novel, she is obviously Clyde’s sister: she is characterized by her sweetness, sometimes too affectionate. So be careful not to give her too much pampering!

Oliver (the foundling)

Typical European cat with the appearance of an Egyptian sphinx, he arrived in Tigliolette from the fields. Unlike other “foreigners”, he immediately integrated with his friends and stayed there.


Another “foreign” cat is the latest one to arrive in Tigliolette by chance, immediately integrating into the family.


Arriving from Ilaria’s university apartments in Turin, she is probably touched by the euphoric vapors of those houses…


The oldest, she is surely everyone’s grandmother. She is the only one that you will always find in the same kennel, winter and summer.